A Farmer

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As a participant in the SAFE Network, a Farmer installs the SAFE Network Client and Vault software, providing unused computer resources to the network in the form of disk storage, CPU processing and networking bandwidth.

These resources are used to securely and anonymously comprise the SAFE Network, replacing data centres that constitute the current centralised Internet. This is done using the local Vault on the Farmer's computer, which is installed as part of the download process and configured using the SAFE Network Client.

When the resources provided prove their value by delivering up stored data when called for, the Farmer earns safecoins in exchange for providing these resources.

The safecoins earned are credited to the End User account address which the Farmer designates when setting up the Vault. The End User and Farmer here can be the same person or different persons. In other words, it is up to the Farmer to decide what wallet the safecoin will be sent to.

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