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As App Builders, developers create applications (apps) that communicate with the SAFE Launcher via a REST API. Without Launcher, every app would ask for user credentials to log into the SAFE Network. This means that sensitive information, for example a user's session packet data could be compromised and potentially misused. Launcher will prevent this from happening as, with regard to credentials, apps only interface with the SAFE Network indirectly via Launcher on the user's behalf.

A demo app is available here.

Due to the open source libraries provided in the API, developing an app is low cost and supported by the development community. The nature of the SAFE Network ensures anonymity, cryptographic security and privacy to all users of the app by design, and also provides decentralized resources which react in real-time to the demand from the app users.

Applications make use of the resources provided by Farmers on the network. In doing so, they are rewarded with safecoins in proportion to how much the application is used.

The provision of safecoin rewards based on usage allows the App Builder to focus on creating apps which Users seek to use, knowing that the revenue stream is already built in by the SAFE Network.

Click here for more information about the SAFE Launcher API