An End User

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An End User is a participant on the network who utilises the Client software to use applications created by App Builders. While they may only be End Users, they may also belong to any, or all of the other participant groups.

An End User may decide not to become a Farmer--for example, if they have no additional resource to offer the network (they may be running their own computer near capacity), or if they use a mobile device, such as a phone or a tablet, as their primary method of network access. While it is planned that mobile devices will be able to earn safecoin, some manufacturers force disconnection of data after the screen has switched off, making them suboptimal farming devices.

Creating accounts and consuming data, such as publicly shared pages, are free on the SAFE Network, however, storing data to the network and certain other network services will require safecoin. End Users who are not Farmers, Core Developers or App Builders will need to acquire safecoin from other participants, directly or through decentralised exchanges.