Data on the SAFE Network

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As Users save their data or interact with applications, their data is broken up, encrypted, and then distributed randomly throughout the network to other Vaults. It is not possible to identify which chunks fit together to comprise a file. These Vaults are independent and autonomous, each storing a small part of the encrypted data.

When Users need to access their data, they simply log into the SAFE Network and retrieve their data. At no point does the User’s password or login details get sent out into the network. Each piece of data is encrypted using the data itself and can only be decrypted using the User’s credentials. No data is stored or cached locally and can only be accessed by Users with the appropriate login details. This means that there is no synchronization required whenever a User needs to access their data.

As new participants join the SAFE Network, they each provide additional resources, directly or by paying for others to provide the required resources. This means that as the network grows, so does its capacity to store and manage data.