Wallets (What it is)

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Wallets are virtual storage locations for safecoins. The End User's wallet contains a digital record of the safecoins owned by the User. As a Farmer provides more storage or an App Builder provides more applications, the wallet balance of their End User account will increase as the additional resources prove to be of use to the network.

An App Builder is a network participant that creates applications that can be used on the SAFE Network.

An End User's wallet is created when they create a relationship with the SAFE Network by way of the SAFE Network Client.

The wallet is part of the User's private data, so it is encrypted and distributed around other Vaults in the network, along with the User's other data. This means that a User's wallet can be accessed from any device connected to the SAFE Network. Also, because data in the wallet is cryptographically encoded, the contents of the wallet are secure and cannot be changed or deleted.