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Today's Internet

The Internet that we all commonly use today is a network that relies on servers to provide the resources required for our applications to operate. However, servers are points of failure and points of control. This means that malfunction of a server can lead to loss or compromise of data and that files are accessible to third parties because they are stored as complete files in one location, often unencrypted. Encryption and anonymizing services can be used on top of the internet, however they come at the price of performance and usability issues. We believe that a new network is needed; one where privacy and security are the default and lie at the basis of its design. Enter the SAFE Network...

The SAFE Network

Within the SAFE Network there are no servers. Instead, the network is comprised of the spare computing resources of its participants, it is a fully distributed network of equal peers.

  • SAFE is an autonomous network that repels human intervention of any kind; it cannot be controlled or "owned"
  • serves as a collaborative, decentralized "cloud" for secure, anonymous storage, communications and applications
  • provides low-cost, perpetual encrypted data storage and messaging in exchange for contributing spare disk space to the network (farming)
  • prevents data theft and surveillance by eliminating servers, plus encryption of all data and communications
  • contains a cryptocurrency (safecoin) that will incentivise all actors in the ecosystem; safecoin is secure, fast, anonymous, massively scalable and doesn't use blockchain technology
  • supports apps and websites, including all existing Internet type services, but with privacy and anonymity assured
  • app developers and content publishers are automatically rewarded by the network according to the popularity of their work
  • open source, so anyone can contribute to and verify the software, or use the code for other projects
  • energy efficient, scales automatically at no extra cost to publishers, and practically immune to DDoS, censorship or surveillance
  • SAFE is the Internet as it was meant to be!